Thursday 19 February 2015

The Order: 1886 Premium Edtion Unboxing

The Order: 1886 got released early in Singapore yesterday, technically breaking the street date and the Chinese New Year holidays might have played a part.

I got the call informing me that the Premium Edition is ready for collection. I was nearly home but just had to go pick this up, haha!

Nice, big box which was expected.. considering the size of the statue inside.

Comes in the standard cover which isn't a slipcase but a full box.

The inner box..

No fancy artwork but very classy with just the emblem.

The Artbook case.

The art is only of the different characters and the weapons in the game. Thought it would have been nice to add some artwork of the environment in the game. So much of the game is about the Victorian London setting but it was left out of the artbook.

Blackwater Vial

The vial has good weight to it, being made of metal. You can even open the top but it isn't hollow so you won't be able to pour any liquids into it.

A very nice replica of something that will be a very important piece in the game.

DLC voucher slip

Coat of Arms Stickers


I'm also getting the Collector's Edition so won't be opening this up. In fact, this will be going up for sale, if anyone wants this. 

The front and back of the Steebook case are the same design however.

Ok now let's get to the Statue..

A beast of a statue, absolutely in awe of this. The detail on the Lycan is amazing.

Very impressed by the blood splatter effect on the Lycan as well. It looks very realistic and is very well-done.

I don't think I have many statues with body hair but I could say I am very satisfied with how it turned out for the Lycan.

Very gruesome-looking Lycan without being vulgar, if you know what I mean..

Can't seem to find any complaints about the Lycan.

The outfit details and facial hair for Sir Galahad is also inch-perfect.

At certain angles, the eyes seem to be a little off.. and the expressionless face is a bit of a bother however.

Everything else about the statue looks amazing so it's really annoying that it couldn't be that 'perfect' piece.

The base also has that amazing detail..

From the moment I saw pics of this statue, I was curious to see which company was making these..

Pure Arts! The same company that does the UbiCollectibles line of CE statues! Interestingly.. I feel that this statue is superior to any they have done.

Mighty impressive!

All-in-all, a very cool edition. The price difference between the Collector's Edition and this Premium Edition is rather drastic. (Even taking into consideration what a steal the Collector's Edition is). But for such an awesome piece, this is certainly worth the upgrade if you can afford it.

The voucher slip also comes with a code for the digital soundtrack. I'm all for the classic idea of having a physcial Audio CD but including a digital download as well, is something that I would certainly appreciate.