Tuesday 13 September 2016

STGCC 2016 - My thoughts and gaming-related pics!

So, yes STGCC 2016 (Singapore Toy, Game, Comic Convention) happened over the weekend! 

One of the few events I look forward to each year. And as the Convention is named, there's plenty of 'Toys', Games & Comics to check out!

I couldn't help but feeling this year was dominated by XM Studios however..

XM Studios' fans couldn't be bothered though. They had a huge presence with their ever-growing list of premium statues.

Mostly Marvel characters and as a gaming collector, I kind of felt left out but there was plenty to marvel at.. (See what I did there?) They have also started on their DC and Star Wars licenses. You can check all the pics on my Facebook profile.

However, there's one XM statue that I pre-ordered sometime back. Jackie Estacado from The Darkness comics..

Only reason I know this guy was from The Darkness PS3 games and that got me started on the comics. Spectacular character and an even more amazing statue. 

I can't imagine a better pose for this guy. With his minions and darklings making up the base, this looks more like a diorama than a regular 1/4 scale statue. This comes with a huge price tag but it's pure awesomeness!

Even in XM's huge booth, this was one of the standout pieces.. Definitely will be a standout piece in anyone's collection. Should be releasing later this year and I can't wait to officially be a XM Collector! Haha!

Now.. if only they get the Blizzard license, I'll jump in completely into XM!

Another one of my pre-orders, which should also be releasing later this year, was H.M.O CollectiblesDante from the Devil May Cry games.

Another amazing 1/4 scale piece! Will be my first statue from the very talented Mufizal. I saw this at least year's STGCC and made up my mind to get this at that very moment. 

H.M.O also had some of their other works on display, which you can check out here

There were more Devil May Cry collectibles at the con, 1/6 statues from Kinettiquettes.

Fantastic diorama idea... You can see Dante and Vergil at the extreme right and left and as they come closer together in the middle 2 figures, they evolve into their Devil Trigger states.

Really wanted to get this but as you can see, I already have quite a bit of orders.. some of which I have only paid deposit for. Will have to try tracking a set down when it's released. Another must get!

Kinettiquettes also had some of their Street Fighter stuff on display..

1/6 Ken

1/4 Ryu Diorama

Great to see Storm Collectibles with their Klassic Mortal Kombat 1/12 figures on display again!

Already PO-ed the 2 ninjas and I'll be ready for Shao Kahn. No Goro on display though.

Initially thought that Shao Kahn looks too big in comparison to the ninjas, even though they are crouching slightly. Googled some pics and I guess it's not so bad. He was a big guy in the original Mortal Kombat 1.

Didn't see anyone I could ask but I'm guessing the throne comes together with Shao Kahn. I certainly hope so!

I'm very excited for the first 2 figures in this line and the quality better not disappoint. Already have plans to play around with some photography on this figures.

Storm Collectibles also showcased their Street Fighter 1/12 line of figures..

Nice figures, would definitely get this if I'm a Street Fighter fan.

Also on display was this First 4 Figures' Dark Souls statue.

That was pretty much it in terms of gaming collectibles on display. There was a Overwatch competition going on live. Spent some time checking that out but when you don't play the game, it's a bit tough to fully appreciate it. 

Hot Toys is still there, with their super-realistic face sculpts. Plenty of Marvel, DC and Star Wars figures but they seem to be making way for XM rather than competing for the attention, with their exhibitions getting smaller.

Imaginarium Art was another powerhouse at the convention. Stunning looking Iron Mans but collectors will need to have plenty of display space, no to mention cash.

Not a lot in terms of gaming. Comic collectibles will always be a lot more popular than gaming but with increasing presence of gaming collectibles in overseas conventions, that same presence isn't seen here yet. 

I thought Warcraft had a huge following in the region but I don't remember seeing anything related to that, even with a movie just a few months back. 

Didn't even see that many cosplayers doing gaming characters.

With the international success of our local statue/figure companies, Hoping they will pick up more gaming licenses going forward.

Overall it didn't seem too bad however but didn't spend as much time as compared to previous years.Next year's STGCC will be the 10th anniversary I heard so looking forward to seeing a bigger con in 2017!

Buy these from Play-Asia!

Kinettiquettes' Devil May Cry 1/6 Statue Dioramas
Devil May Cry 4 1/6 Scale Diorama: Sons of Sparda - Dante
Devil May Cry 4 1/6 Scale Diorama: Sons of Sparda - Vergil

First 4 Figures' Dark Souls 1/4 Statue: Artorias The Abysswalker
Dark Souls 1/4 Scale Statue: Artorias The Abysswalker