Tuesday 6 September 2016

UbiCollectibles' Legacy Collection Litho Prints Collection Pics

Bought these not too long ago..

The trio of Altair, Altair Bronze Bust and Ezio Mentor was purchased from Ubi Store, in a special pack of 3 which included the exclusive litho prints. Thanks to a good friend & fellow collector, Margaret for helping me out with these.

Since, I'm only collecting the normal bust, the bronze Altair Bust is up for sale. Only bought this for the prints that came along with the package.

Will accept SGD$100 for this and will ship internationally if you can bear the shipping costs.

Anyway here are the prints.. They come individually in sealed envelopes

As someone who loves prints but can't bring myself to pay hundreds of dollars on the very limited prints, these free ones will do for me. They serve well as backdrops to the figures & statues (which I don't mind spending hundreds of dollars on!) that I own.

Can you see the Busts peeking from behind the lithos? I'll do a blog post on those in another update.