Thursday 24 November 2016

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Chest Kit Collection Pics

Finally got this!

This Chest replica was 1 of the retailer kits given out during the promotion of AC IV: Black Flag. Ever since I saw it, it was something that I really wanted to have. 

It wasn't going to be easy because of the rarity and it seemed that most of the collectors had already grabbed up whatever was available. Was under the impression that if I ever get one, I would have to fork out some serious cash for this.

Thankfully, one of this turned up for sale at a very reasonable price and I had to grab it. Enjoy the pics!

The Chest is made of a very hard, good quality cardboard so it looks and feels good. However, I was expecting the tube to be made of hard plastic but it's soft and you can crush it, if you put some weight on it.

The flag, however, is really high quality. Very thick and heavy. Nice collection of items, especially for the price I got it at.

1 more look..

Absolutely Beautiful! I know the word, 'Grail' is used quite loosely these days but I can honestly this is one of my Grails. Cool, rare & something from my favourite Assassin's Creed game! Perfect!