Tuesday 29 November 2016

PCS Collectibles' Mortal Kombat updates & teases - 29 Nov 2016

Alright, haven't done this update in a while so I missed out on sharing some teasers with you.. Good news is they are more or less, fully revealed already.

I'm talking about the 1:3 scale Ladies but let's start with Kitana!

Absolutely beautiful! Absolutely stunning! She's just a beauty! I was having hesitations about diving into the 1:3 line as well but how do I resist this? 

I had the same dilemma back when PCS first started doing the MK9 statues and I wasn't sure if I wanted to dive into collecting everything from the line. I remember seeing their 1/4 MK9 Kitana and being seduced by the beauty of that statue. Went ahead and pre-ordered and you can say the rest is history.

Well, history is repeating itself here, once again, with the MK9 version of Kitana (which, mind you, I think is the best iteration/costume of her).

You can check out the rest of the pics of her at PCS' website but here's one for the guys!

Or here's a video instead..

What you won't see however, is the mask-less head which comes as an alternate head.

Apparently, someone did a boo-boo and they won't be able to provide official pics of the mask-less head.

Next up for PO is 1/3 Mileena in her MKX outfit..

Here's a couple more teasers, including her un-masked head.

Vicious! However, I'm not 100% convinced with the unmasked head. I think her 2 front teeth needs to be sharper, something like this..

And here's something that doesn't happen too often. On many occasions, fans have requested for pics of statues together but it seems to be an impossible task. Here's 1 for the record books..

Beautiful eh?

There's 1 more 1/3 Statue in the works.. Actually it's ready, but before you scream "Fatality" on yourself or try selling your body parts for extra cash.. the PO for 1/3 Goro will be a few months away.

This is going to be pricey but very limited..

Speaking of body parts.. Here's some pics from the black market factory..

1/3 Scorpion and Sub-Zero are inching closer to release!

The 1/3 scale looks really good but I still am skeptical about PCS having statue lines in different scales. Would prefer them to continue expanding the roster with different characters or even repeat characters in 1/4 scale with different outfits.

Unfortunately, as much as PCS wants to please the collectors, they still have to be profitable as explained by Jerry here..

Can't blame them on this but somehow I feel it all comes full circle. The long waiting times does bring down the hype for these statues and I have seen people losing interest slowly. 

I know nothing can be done about production times, to get the best quality in the final piece. They do deliver what they promise though.. PCS Collectibles has one of the lowest fault reports I have ever seen.

However, I wish they would push back the PO to a date closer when production is ready to start. The MKX game has lost its steam and we have yet to even see the first MKX statue released. No doubt when you finally get the statue, it all seems worth the wait.

Unfortunately, these days, we see so many different companies churning out statues that it isn't surprising to see the common collector give up his PO for something else.

Not trying to curry favour or boast, but personally I have stuck by my POs and it's always, always worth it when I finally get my hands on it. That said, I am a bit reluctant to throw down more cash for POs. The 1/3 Kitana is a definite want but I would rather keep my deposit and try to snag one when it's finally released.

Similarly for the future POs..

Apologies for the depressing rant at the end but I had to get it off my chest. It has been a long journey since my first-ever PCS piece till now and I have no plans to stop. In a weird way, I have a love-hate relationship with this company. 

I get so excited with a new statue announcement and then get frustrated with the wait time, and when finally I get the piece, I am in awe of it. It happens but I guess I'm passionate about my hobby...

I'm definitely not going away so do check back again soon for more updates and pics!