Tuesday 14 January 2014

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles' MK9 Kitana

On further non-Assassin's Creed related updates, I present to you Kitana from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles (PCS)!

This statue is based on the Mortal Kombat 9 character design. I got this back in Mid-November but I really wanted to dedicate a lot of time with taking pics and also due to it's nature, I didn't want to do it with my kid running around. Pics are finally ready!

Got this piece from SimplyToys store in Singapore. My first time with a pre-order statue from them. They seem to get their stock much later than the US release date but they were great with the service in helping me check the contents at the store itself.

Came in the brown shipping box..
Pretty big and heavy.. Had to take a cab back from the Plaza Singapura mall. 

Opening up the box and some pics of the box art..
The front..
Closer look at the Character Info..
Kinda crappy to know that she is over 10,000 years old...
Very cool, Vibrantly Coloured Box Art, always makes the box a keeper. 

I got No. 364/400
I'm not too fussy about getting low numbers so this works fine for me.

Let's take a look at the base..
All numbers match! Yay!

The base is meant to replicate the Desert Arena in the MK9 game.

See the hand at the right side of the broken Sindel Statue.. Not sure where the water in Kitana's base came from though.

There was a lot of debate about the base being too 'busy' and distracting. I'm quite neutral about the choice of base. However, I think it's very nicely done. Have to remind myself that the emerging hand is based on the broken Sindel Statue and not a real hand as the nails are very realistic.

The "water" is also very nicely done. Overall the paint app on this base is much better than the MK9 Scorpion's. The "hell" base on that looked too cartoonish for my liking. A pity as Scorpion has always been my personal favourite.

Now for Kitana..

Thankfully, nothing broken on the trip back to my home. Had a minor scare when I couldn't find her loin cloth piece dropped out when I took out the statue. Embarrassing myself here..

All fixed up..

A stunning beauty of a statue! I really fell in love with this piece as I kept looking at it. Unlike most of the other Mortal Kombat statues, I didn't pre-order this immediately. Regular readers of the blog will know that I used to collect the SycoCollectibles' Mortal Kombat 9 statues so investing in another line was too pricey for me. (Why do I hear laughter...?)

Obviously now I know better.. 
I moved over slowly into PCS' Klassic and MK9 lines and initially thought of skipping the ladies for a few reasons. 
1) I was trying to limit the number of pieces I was going to get. Collecting both PCS lines seemed pretty extreme so I wanted to pick and choose.
2) I wasn't comfortable with scantily-clad ladies around the house.. (Wait... what? I love Sc... I meant scantily-clad lady statues)

But slowly.. the more I looked at PCS Mortal Kombat pieces, the more I got convinced that they are the way to go. 100% no regrets now. She looks beautiful, PCS really captured her beauty and sexiness while opting for a menacing action stance.

Let's take a closer look at the statue..

Armed with dangerous metal blades, ready to strike..
..but yet, still so elegantly beautiful with her long-flowing hair.
Showing off her toned physique..
..in that very sexy outfit.
Don't let those nicely-painted nails fool you..
.. as those blades will slice you in half!
Nice detail on her outfit..
..but I know you guys are more interested in this detail!
I really can't describe how wonderful this statue is. Kitana looks incredibly sexy but credit to PCS for not overdoing it to the point that it became distasteful. 

The paint app has been very well done on all parts, especially the "important" parts! There is hardly any overflow where the clothes meet skin so very happy with that.

Yet to see any of the problems mentioned on the forums so I'm praying it will stay that way. However, the loin cloth seems to be a bit too long. When fixed properly, the bottom part pushes against the base so Kitana's leg tends to hover. I have to push the loin cloth part foward so that her leg rests on the base. But this makes the gap, where the loin cloth is connected, bigger than it should be. Quite disappointed with that but fortunately it isn't very obvious.

Other than that, it looks perfect. I didn't get the EX version as it was much cheaper to get the Standard version locally as compared to getting the EX version from Sideshow and pay shipping + taxes. I didn't really like the unmasked extra head and wasn't too convinced about the bloody-effect fans either

I hope that it will be a blessing as some people have complained about the bloody fans being too heavy and in some extreme cases, even bending.

Again, hoping mine doesn't have these problems in the future. 

Enough with the negative talk.. 

PCS has done a really awesome Kitana statue and I'm eagerly anticipating MK9 Shao Khan next. Still waiting for some display space for her and Scorpion. It's gonna look marvelous! 

Enjoy some more pics of Princess Kitana!