Thursday 2 January 2014

Happy New Year! And my updated Assassin's Creed Figures Collection

Happy New Year to all you guys! May the New Year be a wonderful year for gaming!

2013 has been really awesome and it's my first full calendar year writing this blog. Made a lot of new gaming and collector friends, played lots of games and hoarded plenty of awesome collectibles. Managed to attend several gaming events as well! 

Also 2013 has allowed me to venture into other platforms apart from my PS3. Got a PS Vita from my wife as a birthday present, checked out several iOS games and games like Diablo 3 and Marvel Heroes have brought me back to PC gaming.

Hopefully 2014 will bring more of the same. There will be several new changes to my life so hopefully will still find enough time to blog and play games as much as possible! Might also have to cut down a little on the expenses with collectibles but if things go according to plan, there will still be plenty of awesomeness in 2014. We will see how it goes. Do wish me all the best!

Happy New Year once again from all the Assassins!

This is the updated Assassin's Creed Figure Collection after the additions from AC IV. Decided to exclude all the NECA and McFarlane figures and just have a family pic with these guys. Getting crowded in here but it's a wonderful sight. Let's see how many additions 2014 brings...

I wish all of you the best for 2014 and I thank you guys for continuing to read my frequent rambling once again. I hope to continue amusing you in the coming year! Cheers!