Sunday 19 January 2014

Marvel Heroes Diary: The Introduction..

As mentioned before, I thought it would be interesting to do a Diary-style blog about my events in Marvel Heroes. Initially, thought it would be possible to create another list of posts under the Marvel Heroes Diary page but it seems that it's not possible and after initially setting up another website for the posts, I felt it would be better to do the posts here.. 

Anyway, the Diary page will be an archive of all my Marvel Heroes Diary-related posts if you are keen to follow it..

So here's the Introduction..

Ever since I heard about a Marvel MMO game in development, I was looking forward to it's release. In early days, I had no idea how it was going to turn out. 

Then came the first gameplay trailer. While it was dubbed as having similarities to the Diablo games, it gave a strong Marvel Ultimate Alliance feel. I really enjoyed the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games and the X-Men Legends games that came before that. The possibility of having playing alongside dozen other heroes from the Marvel Universe had me excited. 

So, when the Ultimate pack was announced, I was tempted. The price was steep though.. For something I have yet to even try, US$200 was a lot of money. Did lots of thinking before a friend and I convinced ourselves that it's better to buy and regret rather than don't buy and regret. The additional XP and item find boost were a great pusher in my decision too. Exclusive costumes, the entire first batch of heroes & costumes and even my name on the Credits made the deal sweeter!

While the initial game didn't do enough to convince me, the new updates in the later part of the year has totally changed my opinion of this game. In fact, Marvel Heroes made my Top 5 Games of 2013 list. Marvel Heroes has now had me hooked and I thought of starting up a Marvel Heroes Diary to share my events in the game with other players and maybe also be a platform to those who haven't tried Marvel Heroes and hopefully convince them to join me. Well.. if no one reads this, it will at the very least be a personal diary of my events in this wonderful game.

2014 promises to be an exciting year ahead for Marvel Heroes and the Developers have so many exciting plans in the coming months. They have also been very active with communicating with the players and listening to the fans' requests. Marvel Heroes is a huge game with plenty for me to share and with so many exciting projects in the plans, I can never tell you everything in 1 post.

I'm not a very experienced or "pro" player and this may not be the most useful place to come to for tips. That said.. as an average player, I hope you will find this diary an interesting read so I welcome you to Dr Jengo's Marvel Heroes Diary as I share you with my experiences in Marvel Heroes.