Tuesday 21 January 2014

Marvel Heroes Diary: Jan 19 2014 - Rewarding X-Defense!

Rewarding X-Defense!

X-Defense Appreciation Week is on! And it has been very rewarding as promised!

Got a Hand of Doom Artifact drop from one of the Doombots.
Not bad, a good artifact to increase Deadpool's damage.

Also found another The Guns with No Name unique
Better stats than the one I'm currently using. A improvement in all areas apart from the "+ to current rank skills".

For some reason I keep getting this unique..
That's 5 including the one equipped with Deadpool now..

And the luck continues..

Finally found a Cosmic Boots for Deadpool.. 

Actually liked some of the stats on the Epic Boots better like the 13% SIF and +4 More Bullets but I needed more spirit for him so had to trade. Decided I should keep the Epic Boots in case I change my mind.

With Deadpool being pimped up with his new set of items, I thought I should do 1 better..

By upgrading his Ultimate!

For 200 Eternity Splinters, that's quite a small upgrade but I guess if I keep doing it, it might be worth it. 

Played too much X-Defense that I didn't have time for Legendary Quests.. but managed to get my Crafter Level to 16 with all that loot!
Current goals:
Deadpool - Acquire 300 Odin Marks for a Legendary Weapon
Deadpool - Reach Level 60
Reach Crafter Level 20

Current Progress
Deadpool: Level 58
Gambit: Level 23
Colossus: Level 21

Crafter: Level 16
Odin Marks: 184