Tuesday 21 January 2014

Marvel Heroes Diary: Jan 20 2014 - All Heroes Unlocked!

All Heroes Unlocked!

Unlocked the final hero!

Used Eternity Splinters for this guy, my first Eternity Splinters Hero purchase. Having previously purchased the Ultimate Pack, the Gambit Bundle with Gs from the Ultimate Pack and getting the free Ghost Rider Bundle from pre-ordering the upcoming Advanced Pack.. I thought I should save some money with the last hero I was missing.

So that's 600 Eternity Splinters down from 2 days back, having purchased the Ultimate Token yesterday.

Took a look at his powers and his God of Mischief power tree looks particularly interesting. Might have to check him out pretty soon.

Played more X-Defense this time with Colossus. Wasn't very effective so had to tweak him quite a bit. Re-looked at some of this skills and with some good drops from X-Defense, I changed his skills around. Didn't really like his Titanic Slam, so I switched back to Fissure

Still got to try out a couple of other skills before deciding his build. Still have a bit of time before he reaches level 32, when I will re-spec him. Hmm.. Decisions.. Decisions..

But gotta love this aspect of the game, tweaking the build to suit your play style. That's the beauty of RPG games where each build will be unique and Marvel Heroes has done a good job with each hero's skill tree with a wide variety of powers.

Also used a couple of SIF and RIF boosts from the Mark IV cards to find some good loot with Deadpool in X-Defense. Luck was good, 1 Unique, 3 Cosmics and 1 epic Insignia. Sadly no costumes drops but got Deadpool to Level 60 finally!

A better Daddy Deadpool Device than the one I was using. Read on the Marvel Heroes forums that in comparison this isn't a very good item but it works fine for me for now. Gotta love the Baby Deadpool summon.. Can't say I don't love seeing a little Deadpool fighting alongside me! Enjoy it while it lasts I guess..

Also managed to squeeze in some Legendary Quests to continue the surge towards the magic 300!

Current goals:
Deadpool - Acquire 300 Odin Marks for a Legendary Weapon
Deadpool - Reach Level 60
Reach Crafter Level 20

Current Progress
Deadpool: Level 60
Gambit: Level 23
Colossus: Level 28

Crafter: Level 16
Odin Marks: 199