Thursday 26 December 2013

Off on a Holiday!

Flying off to Bandung, Indonesia tomorrow morning so there won't be any new posts in the next few days..

Packed up some gaming stuff for entertainment!

My PS Vita with Mortal Kombat and AC Liberation and my iPad with AC Pirates. Will do a review of AC Pirates once I'm back.

Thankfully, my PS Vita case can hold the game cards so I don't have to bring the game cases along. Leaving the chargers at home as well to reduce luggage. Doubt I will spend my holiday playing that much so battery should last for the trip.

Once I'm back, I'll do some posts on my Top 5 Games of the year, Top 5 Collectibles etc, so do look out for that next week.

That's all for now.. Enjoy gaming! I'm gonna miss my games but thankfully I have these to keep me company!