Wednesday 4 December 2013

The Jackdaw (Replica) has been assembled!

Some of you guys and gals might have already know that I got this Jackdaw Replica some time back and I have been fixing it for ages... 

Well it's finally finished! So here are some pics of the Jackdaw Replica from Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag itself.

Set at a 1:100 scale, the Jackdaw is made of foam so it's pretty light.

The instructions...
The instructions are really important for this replica, but somehow it wasn't detailed enough and there were a couple of occasions where the parts didn't look right. Only to find out that I had fixed the parts wrongly. 

This "tool" comes in the box.
Which is pretty useful to poke out the "holes"
I'm pretty sure there is a term for those.. haha

Alright, here are some progression pics of the Jackdaw Replica..
Took me a while to complete this but it looks really nice now that I look at it.

There were 2 or 3 times when I started to regret getting this, while fixing it up. The foam material makes some of the connections loose and flimsy. The instructions were mostly clear but sometimes not detailed enough.. so taking it out and fixing it again made certain points not connect properly.

However, I think the designer was clever enough to put certain strategic reinforcements into the design to make all the loose parts firm and steady even though the connecting parts were not perfect. The structure looks pretty solid now. It still requires a lot of care when moving the ship but it certainly doesn't feel like everything's going to come apart every time I move it.

The piece looks awesome now. Though it's 1:100 scale, the size is still pretty big and it will stand out in any display. Have to say, it's remarkable and completely no regrets now as I'm typing this and looking at it on display. Definitely a special piece in my AC IV collection now!

I would say that this is definitely the closest thing I could get to the Jackdaw that appears in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. Hardcore Assassin's Creed Collectors will be quick to point out the other replica that's on eBay right now but realistically speaking, how could I ever get that over to Singapore?

Love this piece but I wouldn't jump at recommending this to everyone. As far as I know, this is only sold in Amazon France so it might not be easily available to anyone. Fixing this thing up also requires a lot of patience and time.

But if money and time isn't a problem for you.. Here are more pics of the finished product to help you make your decision!

I feel like singing some Sea Shanties right now...