Tuesday 17 December 2013

AC IV Black Chest Edition Unboxing Pics

Finally Photobucket is working fine again.. So managed to upload all the pics.

So here it is.. the very coveted Black Chest Edition from UK.. A big thanks to SneaksGalore from the CE forums for helping to forward this to me.

A huge box, enormous to say the least. Those who got the Asia Collector's Edition wouldn't be surprised at it's size as it's pretty much the same box. However contents-wise, this one has plenty more stuff.

Before we get to the contents..

Closer look at the front..
Top of the Box
The Back
Taking off the slipcover..
Really nice look to this CE.. Aptly named Black Chest Edition..

Lifting off the lid..

Firstly we have the Canvas Prints..

I think these are beautiful. One of the main reasons why I stuck to this UK edition even though the Asia edition was cheaper and had the statue. The Canvas Prints have turned out marvelous and it will be great for display. Very stunning artwork of Edward Kenway and the Jackdaw, which has been dubbed as the 2nd main character in the game. Hope to see more Canvas Prints in the future.

Closer looks..

There's also the Mini-Artbook, similar to the one from the US Limited Edition. 

You can see some of the inside pics here.. Looking to sell this extra copy for SGD $20 if anyone wants it.


The Game Case..

Ok... got to give a thumbs up to the decision-making here. I really applaud the decision to add a game disc in addition to the Steelbook case itself. I'm not a Steelbook collector myself, but I'm sure most Steelbook collectors wouldn't like to use the Steel case to store the game disc and then have to open and close each time they want to take out the disc. Wish more companies will follow this tradition for the sake of Steelbook collectors (as well as those who wish to sell away their Steelbook.. Like me! Will probably look at offers for this one).

The Black Flag..

Another flag to the collection! This is different from the one that came in the US Limited Edition. This one has a more tattered look, as you can see in the above pic, to give a worn-out feel.

The World Map.

This was actually a surprise because of the Red Seal. Interestingly, I haven't seen any pics of this so I wasn't expecting it to be roll-tied with a Red Seal. Looks very authentic with the strings, I'll be displaying it like in the first pic, very very nice!

The Litho Prints..

A little on the small side, which is a very slight disappointment but really digging the Edward Kenway Litho featuring this famous pose. More additions to the AC Litho collection. Can't wait to frame the lot!

Once again, my favourite and my highlight of the CE! The Statue!

Edward Kenway atop the Jackdaw base Statue! One big-ass statue! If future CE statues come as big and detailed as this, I will have no problems paying the increasing prices for CEs!

More pics..

Real nylon strings to tie, amazing detail, stunning base all make this statue worth the extra purchase even though many would say this is pretty much the same as the one in the Buccaneer Edition or the US Limited Edition, just with a different base.

The only problem with this, could be the fact that the Jackdaw base isn't in any way in the same scale as Edward Kenway himself but that's easy to look past with it's stunning presence. I don't have the space to put them up on display now but I will post a pic with all 3 Edward Kenway statues in a few days.

and here's all the contents..

An amazing Collector's Edition! Total cost of this including shipping was rather shocking but upon seeing all the contents, it's something I can stop worrying about. The long wait was also worth it. 

The statue was definitely the main reason for getting this Black Chest Edition but the Canvas Prints were stunning too. All the extra contents also adds to the value of this awesome CE. Pricey but Quality!

This CE is definitely the most complete editions I have owned. Many CEs, though remarkable seem to have something or another  missing to feel complete. This one, however has everything a CE in this day and age should have; an awesome statue, the mini-art book, soundtrack, litho prints, steelbook with an extra disc case, a wonderful collector's box and top of that some nice canvas prints and a map of sorts. I can't think of anything that should have been in this CE. A remarkable Collector's Edition!