Sunday 1 December 2013

UbiCollectibles' Edward Kenway & Capt BlackBeard figures

Here are the Edward Kenway & Capt BlackBeard figures!

If you are the type that likes to keep the boxes sealed for display, you can put them together like this..

See that AC IV Logo in the middle... Cool eh?

Let's take a look at Capt BlackBeard first..

The Base
Very detailed base, I have to say.. Make the figures look like they came right out of the Caribbean!

Capt BlackBeard himself!

I think they have done really well with the face sculpt. He looks so badass with that snarl on his face. Comes with a nice backdrop for a nice photo. I hope more companies follow this with their figures.

Comes with a couple of weapon accessories..

More pics of Capt BlackBeard with his weapons..

Awesome figure, I didn't really intend to collect the non-Assassins or other characters apart from the main characters but this figure looked really awesome. Will show you another reason why I decided to get this figure later on this post.

Now for the Edward Kenway figure..

Firstly his base..
Slightly different from BlackBeard's one but with a very similar theme.. Hmmm.. Wonder why?

Slightly different designs from BlackBeard's. Great to see that, doesn't feel like they just mass-produced the weapons for both Pirates.

Looks awesome, this is the 2nd out of 3 Edward Kenway figures that I got from this figure range. Love his dual-wield pose fending off 2 opponents at once. I'll leave you to decide on his face sculpt but I think it's ok.  The hood again really helps and you don't see his face from most angles.

And a better look at his weapons..

And here's the reason why I got both figures!

Combine the two figures to make an awesome diorama. Both Pirates back-to-back fending off their enemies. Really nice piece.

Saw these figures a long time back and based on the poses, I thought it was Edward Kenway fending off an approaching BlackBeard and another Pirate but I really like this pose too. Only small problem is I'm not sure how to display this to give both Pirates a proper front view. On display, might probably separate them and display them facing forward.

Another 2 awesome figures from the UbiCollectibles range, really happy with both of them. Can't wait for the final Edward Kenway figure from the Black Chest Edition to complete the trio.