Tuesday 30 May 2017

Far Cry 5 Announced and Early Details!

A new Far Cry Game has been announced!

Far Cry 5 will be set in Hope County, where players take control of a Junior Deputy, along with his two fellow officers, in an attempt to stop a cult group, The Project at Eden's Gate.

The entire game can be played in single-player or in 2-person coop mode.

Here's the announcement trailer...

and some intro trailers of the allies that you will be meeting in the game.

Pastor Jerome will definitely be an interesting character, especially with the sorta religious themes in this game. Though, I'm hoping that all the characters will be well-developed instead of being just generic mission-giving NPCs.

More details on the game from Executive Producer, Dan Hay..

and here's the teaser videos that were released before the announcement itself to set the mood of the game..

I haven't played any of the Far Cry games, though they are all sitting on my backlog but from what I know they have always been filled with memorable villains and just a crazy, fun-filled sandbox game.

Expecting more of the same in Far Cry 5!