Wednesday 31 May 2017

Far Cry 5 to feature Character Customization, Allies for Hire & more..

With the announcement of Far Cry 5 a few days ago, more details & pics have emerged..

Far Cry 5 will allow players to create and customize your own character, a first in this series. We will then be allowed to take our character into the open-world either solo or in 2-player coop.

Players will also be able to recruit up to three 'Guns for Hire' who will come with their own special set of skills. Three of these characters were shown in my previous Far Cry 5 update. Yet to see if there will be more of such characters..

Alternatively, players can also call for help from animals, a.k.a 'Fangs for Hire'. Probably a page out of  Far Cry Primal where players also had animal companions. Guess if you can't trust Man, you can still trust our animal friends..

Looking forward to see what other fun activities and vehicles that we will be experiencing.. Some hints below?

The various members of Eden's Gate..

Definitely a pic that's going to spark some controversy, if the themes haven't already. In fact, you can take a look around and it's obvious that people of various beliefs have already started the 'riot'.. 

So much so, that there is already a petition calling for Ubisoft to cancel the game.. No disrespect to anyone but when White Americans start getting offended, it's starting to sound just a little ridiculous..

I was quite surprised to see Ubisoft choosing this theme which definitely has some religious and political context to what's happening in the world today.

I'll be putting my personal views aside and will be enjoying this game for the fun factor.. hopefully the game doesn't disappoint and I would like to urge everyone else to do the same. Unfortunately, the Internet is the Internet and I won't be expecting maturity to prevail..

But if you are looking forward to this game for what it is, I'll be continuing with the updates as they are released..

Here's some Concept art to check out..