Tuesday 26 September 2017

AC Origins Dawn of the Creed Legendary Edition Collection Pics

Got this some time back!

A real pain in the ass for collectors outside of US and Europe to get.. but thanks to some friends, managed to secure one. It's sold out already so I can't thank them enough for the help!

The Dawn of the Creed Legendary Edition comes in 2 parts, the first of which is seen above, while the other part will ship on release..

Let's see the pics..

Not surprisingly, the contents come in a large box because of the large Bayek Statue.

Also includes an exclusive Steelbook

The Set of 4 Exclusive Lithographs comes in a nice folder..

Very classy indeed and I just absolutely admire the Assassin's Creed series' art, and of course Ubisoft's art in general. Beautiful pieces that I would frame up.

The Legendary Edition comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, individually numbered to 999.

The number is also seen on the base..

Produced by UbiCollectibles & Pure Arts, this is not the usual Collector's Edition statue that most of us would be familiar with. At a much larger scale, this stands at 73cm tall and is made of  resin.

Comes securely packed in styrofoam..

Base is made to resemble a broken pillar and you can see all that Ancient Egyptian drawings and symbols around it. Very detailed stuff.

Senu, Bayek's pet eagle, which will be an integral part of the game..

Bayek's Bow & Arrows..

And Bayek himself..

Very, very beautiful! Very nice details, vibrant paint app.

The pose does seem a little concerning though. Will there be leaning issues in the future? Have it for more than a month now, still looks ok however. 

Very dynamic though, with Bayek jumping off a fallen pillar and firing not 1 but 3 arrows at a go. At the same time, Senu is flying off his back. That wingspan of his and all that feather details adds to the beauty of this piece.

Bayek's hood has some holes at the top allowing light to create a mark on his face. Not sure if there's any relevance but with the Ancient Egyptian's obsession with the Sun, this could be intentional. 

Lastly, a Eagle Skull replica is also included as a necklace..

Looks almost real eh?

Love it! This Edition is sold out but you can still get it in the 2nd hand market. Prices have predictably soared. Not to fret however, a similar statue, albeit smaller, is available in the Dawn of the Creed Collector's Edition.

Not only is it more affordable and available, this Figurine will fit in with the other UbiCollectibles Figurines like the ones from the AC Unity Guillotine Edition, AC IV Black Flag Edition etc.

But like they say.. Big is Better!