Thursday 14 September 2017

Assassin's Creed Origins: The Masks of Conspiracy & New Trailer

The hype for Assassin's Creed Origins is growing.. Just over a month away now and with the absence of a game last year, the anticipation for the new AC game is bigger than ever!

Ubisoft has released several weird clips with some creepy characters, which is definitely leading to something..

So many questions... "Who are these masked characters? What is their purpose? Who are they talking to?

Hopefully the new trailer that comes out later today answers some questions..

Edit: ... And the trailer is out!

Man.. that looks epic!

Also, thanks to an interview on GamesRadar, we get more info on who and what the Order of the Ancients are all about.

In short, they are the 'bad guys'. Powerful men & women, at the top of Society, who form a secret society to keep hold of the power they have. They are not actually the Templars but their ideals are what formed the Templars, from what we see in future games.

Likewise, Bayek isn't an Assassin but his resistance against the people who want to control with power, is similar to what the Assassins have been doing.

Basically, the events in this game with this 2 differing factions are what forms the Assassins & Templars.  (It's a origins story remember..)

We will meet the members of the Order all across Egypt so we should have some exciting Boss Battles to look forward to.

October 27.. Can't wait!