Thursday 19 October 2017

Dead by Daylight updates for Console - 19 Oct 2017 + NYCC 2017

Updates from Previous Week's Dev Stream #72 and NYCC!

The usual people in charge of the Dev Stream were away at NYCC 2017 so Dave Richard, Creative Director and Ash, the original Creative Director, were in to run the Stream.

We didn't get the usual updates but we got plenty of input regarding lore, original concept ideas, things that didn't get into the game & more..

October's Event - Will be in conjuction with Halloween, no surprise here.. 4x Blood Points was mentioned as a rumour.. Really? Sounds far-fetched but it is Halloween after all!

Web-series - Someone asked if a Web-series in the style of the game's opening scene can be done. Ash said why not to that and that they are always looking to expand the game to other media.

I'm all for this. I love it when a game, I enjoy, goes to other media. Collectibles, comics, movies.. why not?

Quite an interesting stream if you want to know more about the lore  of the game. Some of it seems just being made up as they go along but watching them talk about it, it does seem to have a structure planned out.

I understand that it's in their best interest to gradually reveal hints about the lore but it would also be cool to see the story panned out in a web-series or a comic.

They also shared some of the original ideas that they didn't make it to the game.. Why they decided against not having any passive bonuses, and even showed off some concept art for new outfits for some survivors..

As of now, it's too early to say when, or even if, they will be added to the game..

That's pretty much it. Hope to see these guys take over the Stream again soon, for a change..

NYCC 2017

The Dead by Daylight team were at NYCC 2017 and had some cool collectibles to show off!

Dead by Daylight Limited Edition Bloodletting Sneakers which you can purchase here.

Official Dead by Daylight Trapper Mask

Oh man, this one rocks my boat! Always have had a thing for masks so definitely looking to get this once it's up on their Store. Hopefully, it's not too expensive.

Looks a bit too clean though, would have preferred a more worn-out look but let's see..


Leatherface (The Cannibal) came out last week and I have been playing it quite a bit. You can check out my first few games in the video below..

Not the best gameplay but I'm still getting used to him. I didn't save up BloodPoints to level him up fast because I wanted to get a good feel of how he plays before he gets his Perks.

Interesting Perks..

There's definitely some similarities between him and the Hillbilly. A hammer-like weapon for his main attack and a chainsaw that needs to be charged before you use it.

Unlike the Hillbilly, who can charge forward when using the chainsaw and can also be used as a method for faster movement, Leatherface doesn't charge forward. Instead he swings his chainsaw right and left, hitting all survivors in front of him.

Both have their pros and cons, and it's too early to say which one I prefer more. Looking forward to unlocking the different masks for him though!

That is all for this week! I enjoyed the comments and discussions in last week's update so keep them coming!