Monday 2 October 2017

Dead by Daylight updates for Console - 02 Oct 2017

Back again with some console updates for Dead by Daylight.

Hoping these updates have been useful as I will be summarizing the important points from the Dev streams but then again, you might have already known this. So let me be annoying and say this.. If you think these updates have been useful.. Give this post a 'Like' or comment below just so I know that these updates come in handy!

Alright.. More importantly.. From Stream #71

Leatherface is out on XBox One now and will be out on Oct 3 for PS4. Just a while more guys..

Once Leatherface patch is downloaded, both consoles will be up to date with the PC version.

Loss of Progress - They are working on it with a new way to save the game.. It still isn't ready yet but once they are confident on the fix, they will release the patch.

Dead by Daylight VR: They have tried testing it but it just isn't feasible for now.

Wraith Re-work: The next Killer to get re-worked after the Doctor is the Wraith. Below are the changes mentioned in this stream:
- Make him quieter when he's walking near Survivors.
- Reduce Cloaking Speed (Cloaking time will still be 3 secs but the Wraith's movement speed will be same as Survivors)
- Bell Sound radius will be reduced to 24m/Add-ons for this reduction will no longer reduce the radius.
- When cloaked, the brightness of the blood and scratch marks will be more visible.

So yea.. I didn't think the Doctor needed a re-work and I did feel the Wraith needed a boost. The time taken to uncloak just gave too much time for the survivors. Didn't play him much but I think this should be an interesting and welcome change.

Dead by Daylight Artbook - The developers mentioned a digital copy of the game's artbook. I have not heard of this and this is something I'd be really interested in. Anyone has any idea on where I can download this? (Yes I already have tried Google).

Some updates from the previous weeks' Dev Streams..

- Party Streamers: Those Bonus Blood Point offerings that were a reward for August's Community Event will be kept permanently in the game!

- Rankings will be re-worked: Some suggestions given were to reward players based on their final Ranks at the end of the 'month'

- Fun Fact: With Leatherface revealed, the developers mentioned that the Hook is directly influenced from a classic scene from the movie where a character is put on a hook. She also manages to get herself off and walk away.. Just like how it is in the game.

You can see the scene from the Stream here.. Watch till 22:50..

- PlayStation Avatars: This is a question I asked on their Q&A on whether we could get PSN Avatars of characters from the game and their answer: Why not? Hopefully this comes soon!

That's about all for this post. Just want to hear your thoughts on how helpful these updates are to you..