Wednesday 17 January 2018

Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman #1 Comic Collection Pics

Reading a new Comic series! 

Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman! Here's some of the covers of Issue 1.

Only bought the coloured variants but there were a few more available..

Here's all the covers available..

I got these 3..

Cover A (Philip Tan)

Cover B (Jonathan Lau & Omi Remalante)

Cover C (Gameplay Cover)

My favourite is Cover B, by Jonathan Lau who also does the art for the entire comic. 

This series follows the origins of Agent 47 back to when he was still Subject 47 in an institute with other similar subjects, where they were "created" as killers. Even back then, he and his partner and friend, Subject 6, were being sent on assassination missions.

The comic also follows the origin story of Diana Burnwood, who would become his handler in the games; how she gets pulled into this world and how she meets our Agent 47 will probably be mentioned in a future issue.

I wasn't much of a Hitman fan until the latest game in 2016. That game really pulled me into this series and it's a cool read for some backstory. IO Interactive have also announced that this comic ties directly with the game and that they have "full creative control over the story and character development".

I'm definitely in for non-gaming media that expands on the storyline of the games so this is a huge plus for me, especially when there were some hints to Agent 47's past in the game.

Can't seem to find any info on how long this comic series will run but it's been an interesting start. 2 issues have been released so far with another 3 previewed on comic sites.

Great to see IO Interactive keeping the Hitman franchise very much alive, after Square Enix dropped them. They have done well with new content and with the release of the GOTY Edition. Here's hoping for a Season Two!