Monday 15 January 2018

Assassin's Creed Origins Updates for January

More content coming to Assassin's Creed Origins in January! 

The big update will of course be the Hidden Ones DLC.

Hidden Ones DLC

The Hidden Ones DLC will feature a new story expansion, where the Romans will square off with Bayek and his new Brotherhood of Assassins.

This expansion will also increase Bayek's level cap from 40 to 45.

New Challenges for Ubisoft Club for Hidden Ones DLC will be available.

The DLC will be available for free for all Season Pass owners but will also be available for purchase at a to-be-confirmed price.

Trials of the Gods

2 of the 3 Trials will be back in January

- Anubis: January 9-16

- Sobek: January 23-30

These are the rewards for completing a Trial.
  • Conductor of Souls – Legendary Sword
  • Was Scepter – Legendary Scepter
  • Tomb Protector – Legendary Shield
  • Scales of Truth – Legendary Warrior Bow

and if you have all 4 rewards.. you will unlock the Anubis Outfit.

Community Challenge 

On top of that, there is an ongoing Community Challenge to defeat Anubis, that will unlock the Jackal Scepter.

However, if this is your first time completing the Community Challenge, you will unlock the previous reward that was the Sunslayer Sword.

New Item Packs

These packs will be added to the in-game store for purchase via Helix Credits..

Almighty Pack - Jan 16 2018

For Honor Pack - Jan 30 2018

Heka Chests

The individual items previously added through Item Packs, that were only available via Helix Credits, will now also be obtainable through Heka Chests.

Nightmare Pack

First Civilization Pack

Gladiator Pack

Wacky Items Pack

Ubisoft Club

More items will be added to Ubisoft Club as well, that you purchase using Uplay Units.

Warden's Oath Outfit - Jan 30 2018

And, the 2 previously exclusive rewards that were awarded for the Community Creation Contest will now be available to everyone!

Harlequin & Chop Chop

Great stuff! Of course, most excited for the new DLC that increases the level cap. Definitely keeps the interest in the game for me. 

I'm not so interested in the new items, but it will be fun to get a few of those via the Heka Chests.. but the Trials and Community Challenges will keep be busy as I aim to plat the game before the new DLC is released..