Saturday 24 March 2018

Movie Thoughts: Tomb Raider

Finally caught the new Tomb Raider movie last Monday.. and enjoyed it!

I have always been an outsider to the Tomb Raider franchise.. Never watched the older movies or even any of the games (Ok.. except maybe just that particular mod..)

Basically, had no expectations or anything to compare to.. which turned out to be a good thing I guess.

The movie wasn't a blockbuster with big budget special effects but it clicked for me. It turned out to be a good action-adventure film with some intense moments. While some of the action seemed unrealistic, it had a very video-game vibe to it. 

If you were expecting a over-sexualized Tomb Raider, you will see nothing of that sort. 

Alicia Vikander made a good Lara Croft. She was charming but could be a total bad-ass, while still looking vulnerable in dangerous situations. Would love to see her back in the sequels, if they do confirm any.

The villain, played by Walton Goggins, also did a good job. Nice that they gave him a bit of a human element at the start even though his actions henceforth showed otherwise.

Dominic West, as Lara's Dad, also helped to build on Lara's character.

Plot-wise, it it was quite simple. A sort-of origins story for the Tomb Raider, where Lara finds her calling. 

Minor spoilers after the pic..

The reveal about Trinity at the end however, you could have seen it coming right from the start. No surprise at all there. 

Nice touch at the end though, giving Lara Croft her iconic twin-guns, announcing that she's now ready to be the Tomb Raider.

Enjoyed the movie and definitely worth a watch if you haven't caught it.

Tomb Raider wasn't a masterpiece but it stayed focused on the character. Without the distracting need to build the universe or other supporting characters, Tomb Raider succeeded in adapting a Video Game character to the big screen.