Saturday 17 March 2018

Sony's Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake 1/6 Diorama Collection Pics

Finally got my replacement for this!

My initial piece actually came in broken.. Thankfully Sideshow, were amazing as always and agreed to send me a replacement. It did a while but now that it's here, I'm so happy with how it looks!

Sony's statues come in this standard-looking boxes.. with the Playstation logo & game title at the top and Playstation-themed art below..

Very well-packed and thankfully nothing's broken this time! Probably just got unlucky the previous time.

No.  534/750! Not a lot of these but enough to go around for anyone who wants it..


The base is huge and very nicely done. Ruins of what used to be a stairway and the lower part of the base is very natural. You don't have the stairs sitting on a plain base so it does look good.

Very detailed with the cracks, the green-ish moss and the rubble. 

There's a peg for you to put in the other parts. Just a couple of pieces ..

Clever choice of the stairs to use as the base so Drake uses his elevated position to jump onto this poor soldier.

Nothing to worry if you are concerned about leaning issues. The Drake piece is quite light and the weight is actually downwards so very confident about this.

Here's the rest of the pics.. Enjoy!

The face sculpt is very well-done. While Drake does look a little older than what we see in the games, there's no mistaking the strong resemblance. 

Some close-ups on the little details..

So many nice little details. His iconic watch, the wordings on the soldier's vest.. small details but adds a lot of character to this statue.

Hope you liked the pics! I love it!. Wasn't expecting much when I heard a Uncharted 4 statue was in the works..

I mean, as much as Nathan Drake is an interesting character, he doesn't look very visually interesting as say.. Kratos from God of War.

But.. Pleasantly surprised when I first saw this very dynamic diorama.. and now owning it and seeing it in person, I'm very happy to have bought it!

Awesome addition to the rest of the Playstation Greats collection! 

Took a quick check at Sideshow and it looks like they have very limited stock left.. So you might want to check it out soon, if you plan to get this.

Sony's God of War 1/6 Diorama is also coming out in a few months and I'm looking forward to that as well. No doubt it will be another great piece!