Monday 22 January 2018

Pictures of the Uncharted 4 Diorama (Broken)

So I know some of you guys wanted to see pics of the Uncharted 4 Diorama from Playstation Gear. I received mine a few weeks ago but unfortunately mine came broken.. 

No worries though, I should be getting my replacement piece soon enough and will get proper pics up soon but in the meantime, here's some pics for you to see how it has turned out..

More pics below..

Looks great.. I think the face sculpt is great.. pretty spot on in terms of likeness or at least close enough. That was definitely the main concern but I'm very happy with how it turned out. 

With Playstation Gear also announcing the God of War 1/6 Diorama from another of my favourite Playstation franchises, I wanted to be convinced by this before putting a deposit on that. 

No hesitation now, gonna secure my preorder on that soon! (Don't forget to throw me some questions that I can ask in my interview with the diorama's Creative Producer!)

Just a little disappointed with the breakage, of course, but I'm sure Sideshow will get me a replacement soon enough and I'll do another, more detailed review on the whole diorama.

What do you guys think?