Saturday 7 July 2018

Mortal Kombat X Comics Collection Pics

Have a renewed interest in comics recently, so dug up some of my older comics that I haven't taken pics of..

One of my favourites.. The Mortal Kombat X Comics!

Published by DC Comics as a filler for the events between Mortal Kombat 9 and Mortal Kombat X.

There were 12 issues, of which Issue 1 had 5 variants..

2 of the covers were connecting..

They were later re-printed in black & white..

There was also a 'Game Logo' cover..

The rest of the issues all came with only 1 cover..

Amazing and vibrant covers for all issues.. love how they all look.

The story was also good, giving closure to missing characters. With a revamp of the MK Universe and moving 20 years forward, a lot of characters were killed off. Mostly minor characters but also several well-loved ones.

The art inside was also very dynamic and violent, doing justice to the MK franchise.

Some of the plots covered; Hanzo Hasashi's control over Scorpion, Goro's disappearance, Kotal Kahn coming into power, the fate of the Lin Kuei.

For 12 issues, I thought it did very well, in terms of the pacing.. 

However, it did leave a lot to be desired. I think the Mortal Kombat franchise deserves a long-running series of comics.. With so many characters and stories to tell, there is plenty in the lore that can be explored. 

Considering the Mortal Kombat games come once every few years, I think I won't be the only one to say that fans need more Mortal Kombat in our lives. 

Looking at the quality of this short series, I would definitely want to see more Mortal Kombat comics. 

If you are with me, do comment below! Did you guys read these comics? What did you all think of it?

For those that missed out on these, there's also 3 TPBs that collated all 12 issues. You can use the affiliate links below to purchase them, if you like.