Tuesday 31 July 2018

SDCC 2018: My Top Collectible Picks!

All the big toy/collectible companies were out, last week at the annual SDCC, with their new stuff on display!

I still remember a time where comic and movie collectibles were all the hype and gaming collectibles were rare. Only the very popular games had figures and I always wished more companies would pick up gaming licenses.

Times have changed thankfully.. More and more companies are releasing figures and statues in all sizes from our favourite games. Too many in fact, so I have to choose wisely now..

So, here's my carefully thought-out and planned-out (yea right..) list of my top gaming collectible picks from SDCC 2018!

Funny how I start with a comic character then.. but Spidey is getting an all-new adventure in the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 game.

Spidey is also getting a new suit in the game and Hot Toys will be releasing a 1/6 figure based on the new design. This new costume will be dubbed as, "Advanced Suit".

Hot Toys are well-known for their high-quality details and accuracy in portraying characters so this one looks amazing!

Of course, a Hot Toys figure won't be complete without a ton of accessories!

One of the accessories shown was the Spider-Drone, which will be appearing as a pre-order bonus in the game. 

Also on-show was the Spider Punk figure, one of the many unlockable suits in the game. This is also included in the pre-order bonus bundle.

I'm not going to be drawn into collecting all the different suit versions, but the main "Advanced Suit" version is definitely something I would like to get.

The new God of War  was a huge hit when it released April this year. Here were my thoughts on how fantastic it was.. The story-telling, characters, game-play.. simply everything was near perfect..

There's already a couple of God of War collectibles out there but there's more coming out as we see in SDCC 2018..

Mondo will be making a 1/6 figure of Kratos..

It looks great! Very detailed and the 'angry' portrait looks amazing!

Mondo are more well-known for their highly sought-after prints but in recent years, they have produced quite a number of figures, in particular the 1/6 TMNT turtles based off the classic Mirage Comic versions.

Some collectors have complained about the QC of the turtles but I have those and thankfully, mine turned out with no issues. They have improved a lot from then and their recent releases have shown that.

Have a lot of confidence in them now, so I'm definitely looking to get this as well.

NECA is also doing more God of War figures!

I already have the Kratos figure, but there's going to be another release of Kratos in a 2-pack with Atreus.

Perfect! If you read my 'review' on the first figure, I mentioned that I would like to see a couple of other figures/accessories made..

Atreus? Check!
Mimir Head Accessory? Check!
Blades? Check!

Well.. that's practically everything that I wished for.. Thank you Santa err.. I mean NECA!

And of course, something which has become a yearly affair.. Storm Collectibles' Mortal Kombat figures!

Ermac was released as a SDCC 2018 exclusive (though you could buy it from some stores now).

Glad to see them keep the ninja line going and we also see Smoke & Rain, which should be future releases..

More cool accessories to be included in the future releases..

Last year's SDCC 2017 revealed some unpainted prototypes and we get to see them in all their painted glory this time.. 

Baraka, Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke, Kitana, Mileena, Unmasked Sub-Zero and Liu Kang's Fatality Dragon were all previewed..

These are still in prototype stages, so I'm expecting to see more improvements. The paint app on the Cyborgs are on point, though!

Unmasked Sub-Zero looks a bit too bulky as compared to the rest and the ladies definitely need to be improved, but the rest look good and ready to go.

Hoping we don't have to wait too long for these to be released but I'm glad to wait for better quality products... Still very hyped for this line!

Also, Goro is already up for pre-order so don't forget to get your orders in for this beast!

And there's that.. my want list for this year all planned out.. So many awesome stuff coming and there's still the games. Oh man, exciting times!

Pics Source: ToyNewsi, ToyArk