Friday 18 May 2018

God of War NECA Figure Collection Pics

Couldn't pass up on one of my favourite figure companies, NECA, when they released a new Kratos figure...

Kratos, as you see him in the latest God of War game. 

As always, comes in a nice box..

... and a small backdrop...

.. which you can use to take pics with.

More pics..

Very nice figure for the price. Quite a bit of articulation as well.

Accessories are a bit lacking but there's not really much to add actually, apart from the Leviathan Axe and Shield. There's definitely 1 accessory that will be an awesome addition but I can understand that they left it out to keep it a surprise in the game.

On his waist, there's the Pouch (that carries his wife's ashes) and the Horn of Blood Mead (in-game collectibles to upgrade 'Rage').

There's a peg on Kratos' left arm that you can remove. This allows you to plug in the shield accessory..

Face sculpt is good as well, just don't understand why his eyes are yellow.

That's the only real complaint I have of this figure.

A comparison pic between NECA's God of War 3 figure and this one.

Really happy with both!

In a tweet, NECA has claimed that more God of War figures will be produced.

I would definitely want to see a Atreus. hopefully with a Mimir head accessory and of course the other weapon accessory I mentioned above.

What else would you like to see?


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