Monday 7 May 2018

God of War Asia Collector's Edition Collection Pics

So you guys saw the pics of my Stone Mason CE in the last post? Cool stuff eh?

I also managed to get the Asia Collector's Edition which had some exclusive items not available in the Collector's Edition in the other regions.

For comparison sakes, the Stone Mason Edition is on the left, while the Asia CE is on the right..

The Asia CE is slightly smaller but has a wider depth.

Inside the Asia CE is a Drawstring Bag and a God of War Necklace..

The Drawstring Bag is essentially the Ash Pouch that Kratos carries in the game. So, yes.. it was very cool to have this as an exclusive in our local Collector's Edition. A very important part of the game lore.

Everything else is the same but it's worth nothing the Asia CE doesn't come with the Steelbook case. The game is packed in a normal PS4 disc case, which is not shown in this picture.

Cool stuff, everything is up for sale except for the 2 items shown above, which I will be adding to my collection!