Monday 7 May 2018

God of War Stone Mason Collector's Edition Collection Pics

Pics of the God of War Stone Mason Collector's Edition!

First CE of 2018, one of my most anticipated games of the year and a fantastic CE to boot!

Check out the pics below...

Cover sleeve with Kratos and Atreus on the front..

Inside, is another art box..

Was never really a huge fan of the previous God of War games' art.. but this one is beautiful. Definitely keeping this box for my collection.

First up is the Steelbook.

More accessories and trinkets..

Sticker.. Sticker Tattoo I believe?

Cloth Map

Cloth Maps are so much better than the paper maps that most CEs come with.. Love it!

Exclusive Lithograph

Was expecting it to be bigger but this will have to do. Again, some nice art like I mentioned earlier. Nice message by Cory Barlog, Director of God of War, included in the back.

Huldra Brothers Carvings

Troll & Horse Carvings

I really like these carvings. I have always said I'm a sucker for little things that look like they came right out of the game and these are exactly that. The Troll and Horse Carvings were something exclusive to the Stone Mason Collector's Edition and I didn't paying the extra bit for these.

Stone Mason's Ring

Cool-looking ring also exclusive to Stone Mason CE.

1 more Stone Mason exclusive, the Mimir Talking Head Keychain.

Pretty cool! Of course, we would have seen Mimir in the trailers as this talking head who will be a companion to Kratos & Atreus in their journey.

All these accessories are nice and all but there's only 1 real reason why I bought this Collector's Edition and of course, it is for the statue!

Seeing this in person, I can say this is one of the best CE statues I own. Very dynamic diorama, a lot going on in this piece.

Details are very good, you can see a lot of nice touches on the accessories and clothing. Also, the snow effect is nicely done. Very intense expression on Kratos.. unfortunately not as much detail on Atreus and that's my only complaint.

Apart from that, very amazing piece, love how it looks. Captures the intensity of the game very well.

There's also some very cool digital content which came with the game. The in-game shields were just aesthetic but the Death Armour set was a good beginner set. It was good enough for early game, until the better armour were accessible.

There was also a Digital Artbook which came as a Playstation app. Got to see all the fantastic artwork and on top of that, there was also commentary from the developers. Nice to hear their thoughts and enthusiasm.

The Digital Comic #0 also came with animation and sound effects. Commentary as well. It was supposed to start off a short run of God of War comics but I don't see any info about those anywhere. Anyone knows anything about it?

I would have definitely have preferred these to be in physical form, no doubt about that. However, it was a nice touch to add the developers' commentary to the comic and artbook. At least, it made more sense to go digital.

Overall, a top-notch Collector's Edition, hope to see more like this in the future!