Tuesday 20 August 2019

GTA Online: Aug 15 2019 - Progren Emerus, RC Time Trials & more

This week's GTA Online updates include a new Supercar, new RC Trials and 2X rewards for certain modes.

First things first..

The Dinka Jester Classic is this week's Podium Car which you can win from the Casino's Lucky Wheel..

Also, good news for those who are still waiting for their Thank You gifts..

I finally received the rest of the Thank you gifts for playing in the first week of the Casino update..

The Diamond Casino and Resort wall piece

Ash The Diamond Hoodie

However, I still haven't gotten any of the Diamond Program rewards up to now.. Getting a bit concerned but hopefully it's still in progress and not case of it not registering properly.

This week's new stuff..

Progren Emerus - New supercar

RC Time Trials - New Time Trials with 2X Rewards this week.

Haven't had the chance to try this out but with $200k up for grabs for completion, everyone should definitely try this.

2X Rewards for Arena War Series

Weekly Discounts

Twitch Prime Discounts

Extra 10% off all this week's discounts as seen above and huge discounts as seen below.

2nd round of Rewards for the Diamond Program.

As mentioned above, some players have not received the 1st round of rewards. Nevertheless, these are the unlockable rewards for the different tiers for Round 2 which ends on August 21

Rewards for the respective tiers are in the brackets and if you have already unlocked the tier previously, all you need to do is log in before Aug 21 to receive the rewards for this week. 
(Eg: If you are currently in Gold status, just log in to receive rewards for Gold status again this week. Of course, reaching the higher tiers before Aug 21 will unlock the respective rewards.)

Silver Status (GTA$250,000)
- Log in before Aug 21.

Gold Status (Additional GTA$50,000 & Royals Tattoo)
- Complete the 2nd casino story mission, "House-keeping".

Platinum Status (Additional GTA$50,000 & Benny's Original Motor Works poster wall piece for your Penthouse)
- Completing 5 Casino Work assignments.

Diamond Status (Additional GTA$50,000 & Red Diamond Tee)
- Complete all Casino Story missions

So that's a total of GTA$400K and gifts to unlock this week! 

As always, if you need help with the missions, come join me on GTA Online anytime (PSN: DrJengo) and if you are from Singapore, you are most welcome to join my Social Club crew, Temasek Thugs. Have fun!

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