Saturday 17 August 2019

Marvel's Spider-Man Press Kit Collection Pics

Just got this recently! The press kit for the Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 game!

Comes in a nice cardboard box with the white Spidey logo on it with a design which is made to look like it's webbed all over. Only 1250 were made.. Not that rare but considering these were mostly given out to members of the press, not many will make it to the aftermarket.

Let me open it up and show you the contents.

Everything comes nicely covered with some bubble wrap..

Coffee Bean paper bag containing some nice stuff..

A Metal Emblem thingy again with the white Spidey logo.. comes with a stand which you can use to put in a display 'pose'. 

Spidey Logo Sew-on Patch

Daily Bugle Media Pass for Peter Parker

Sketch drawings, I really like this. It's concept art for the game I believe but they are made to look like doodle pages from Peter Parker's sketchbook as he comes up with designs.

Postcards of photos that Peter Parker might have taken? Nice little touch with the sticky note as well.

Very nice set of items that look like things you can find in Peter Parker's bag or on his work desk.

Some artwork in the form of a Subway Guide.

Daily Bugle Newspaper. Already bought this separately some time back so now I have 2 of this. Yet another item that could be from the game universe. 

Artbook - Looks like a comic on the outside but there's plenty of artwork inside.. The cover also shows the edition number.

Map - I don't remember what the front side is referring to but the back is the location of The Devil's Breath in the game.

Lithograph Art Print. Very nice, comes with the Serial Number too. Nice fight scene with Spidey vs Rhino and Scorpion.

Nice collection of items. Love how a lot of the items look like they are part of the world.. always had a weakness for collectibles like that.

I don't usually buy press kits considering how expensive they are for just a few items but I felt this was really nice. Absolutely worth it!

What do you guys think about this?! Let me know below!

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