Sunday 8 September 2019

GTA Online: Aug 29 2019 - Ocelot Locust, Login Gift & more

A bit late for last week's update so I'll just update briefly on the new stuff..

A new Sports Car; Ocelot Locust has been released.

To match the new car release, players who login that week also received a T-shirt.

The Ocelot Tee

The Cheval Taipan was the week's Podium Vehicle.

Haven't had luck since the first week on the Podium Vehicles but I got this hoodie this week from the Lucky Spin!

Plus, finally I got the Diamond Program rewards early last week!

For Round 1, I only managed to hit the Gold Status before the deadline. A bit disappointed of course, there were some really cool rewards in the higher tiers. Here's what I received..

"She's Loaded" Wall Art

Diamond Classic Tee

Truffade Thrax exclusive livery

Truffade Tee

Also received the Round 2 rewards, already hit Platinum status for this by the new deadline. Rewards aren't that attractive but that was a good lump of cash..


"Declasse Sabre" Wall Art

Red The Diamond LS Tee

"The Royals" Tattoo

Great Stuff! I have no idea if there will there be a Round 3 of rewards but it would be nice to unlock more exclusive stuff even if it means more challenges..

Come join me on GTA Online anytime (PSN: DrJengo) and if you are from Singapore, you are most welcome to join my Social Club crew, Temasek Thugs. Have fun!

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