Friday 9 August 2019

GTA Online: Aug 8 2019 - Bravado Gauntlet Classic, Red Diamond Casino Tee & more

How are you guys enjoying the new Casino DLC update?

Lots of new stuff online with the new update including new missions, clothing, activities and a chance to own a Penthouse property!

As with most major updates, there's a whole load of new clothes, accessories and other customization options..

There's even a Casino Shop with exclusive clothing options which you can only purchase using Casino Chips. Here you can also find decorations for your penthouse.

Of course, what's a casino without the games? Here I am checking out the different ways to lose my money with amazing luck of course..

Can't complain too much actually. On the 2nd attempt with the Daily Lucky Spin.. I won the Truffade Thrax!

Lucky AF eh?! 

The top prize for the winning car changes weekly so there's definitely an incentive to keep coming back to at least for the Lucky Spin and the daily free 1000 chips.

Here's the other prize cars so far.. The Grotti Turismo Classic which ended on Aug 7..

With this update, players are also able to purchase a Penthouse property..

Can be quite a huge dent on a player's bank account but thankfully for those who have connected their Social Club account with their Twitch Prime account, they will be able to purchase the base Penthouse for free.

Over the years, GTA Online has offered players a chance to own various types of properties but, as of now, this is my favourite. Largely, due to the fact that you are able to customize the decorations that you can put around the house. 

There's quite a bit of options in the Casino Shop already but I'm hoping to see lots more in the near future. With the other properties, you can change the decor and themes but this is the first time, you can add on wall pieces, tabletop decorations & other stuff.

A bit annoyed at how long it took for this to come to GTA Online.. because this was one of  my main gripes about the property feature. Rockstar Games' other IP, Bully actually already had a similar mechanic where pieces are added on automatically to your safe-house as you complete the different challenges.

So, I was hoping it would be the same in GTA Online, where there will be some form of house where you can show off all your 'accomplishments', instead of just unlocking T-Shirts. Well, if the Penthouse becomes 'the definitive property'.. then maybe in a future update, we can have something like that.

There's still plenty to look forward to anyway and here's some of the new stuff for this week..

Login Gift: Red The Diamond Resort Tee

Podium Vehicle: Pegassi Infernus Classic

Visit the Lucky Wheel daily to win the Podium vehicle or other prizes.. 

The Diamond Program - 1st round of rewards

Depending on your progress with the new Casino Missions, you should fall under 1 of these tiers and unlock the respective rewards. At the moment, I haven't received them but Rockstar Games says players should receive it by Aug 13.
  • Silver Status – Black Diamond Tee & "She's Loaded" Wall Art
  • Gold Status – Truffade Tee & Ink Inc. Livery for the Truffade Thrax
  • Platinum Status – Lucky 7s Tattoo & Kronos Ara Watch
  • Diamond Status – Yeti Livery for the Armored Enus Paragon R and eCola Livery for the Annis S80RR

New Vehicle - Bravado Gauntlet Classic

Love those muscle cars so I had to splurge on this..

My latest addition!

Thank you Gift 

For those who played in the first week after the Casino Update, you will receive your Thank You gifts. Again, I have only received the cash reward as of now.

Bonus RP and GTA$

- Double GTA$ and RP till August 14 for all Casino Work missions.
- Double Salaries for Bodyguards & Associates

Weekly Sales

Twitch Prime Discounts

Definitely to look forward to this week! 

Come join me on GTA Online anytime (PSN: DrJengo) and if you are from Singapore, you are most welcome to join my Social Club crew, Temasek Thugs. Have fun!

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