Thursday 21 July 2022

Collectible News - PCS: Mortal Kombat 1/3 Female Statues

 So.. it has been a while since we had any sort of Mortal Kombat statue release from PCS. A lot has happened over the years for better or for worse but nothing has been released since the 1:3 Kitana and 1:3 Mileena statues.

There were some concerns whether PCS, who are now known as Premium Collectibles Studio, actually do still have the Mortal Kombat license... until sometime late last year, when some teasers of 3 all-new 1:3 female were finally shown.

We saw a render of a 1:3 Jade but that's not all.. Mileena and Kitana renders were also shown at the same time..

There were swap out options of course.. where we also saw the ladies having a different un-masked head with their hair let loose..

More recently, a poll was put out asking if collectors wanted to see the 3 statues being available for pre-order at the same time or to be spread out.. Thankfully, the overwhelming response was for the pre-orders to be spread out.

So, with all 3 female ninjas in the works, collectors can get this new set of 3 ladies if they missed out on the previous 1:3 ladies.

With Jade being first to be approved, collectors can either get her to pair with the Mileena and Kitana above, or just start off with the new 3. Or of course, you can get all 5 to just rock it..

Just in bear in mind that NetherRealm Studios, who once created some of the sexiest, badass female fighters in gaming history, have taken a different approach now and have toned down the hotness levels of their female characters and have expected PCS to do the same.

Nevertheless, Jade has been approved as of this post, and we have had more teasers of how she will turn out.

Jade is expected to go up for pre-order very soon and we will be able to see the full reveal. Watch this space guys! Will finish this post with a Mileena headsculpt as well..

What do you guys think of the new female ninja statues? Let me know in the comments below!