Saturday 16 July 2022

Marvel's Avengers: Ms. Marvel & Thor Nameplates

 This week continues the trend of free nameplates in celebration of the MCU shows and here's the ones you get for this week.

The Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder 001 Exclusive Nameplate is finally back up, after the initial bug that was occuring when it first appeared. This will be part of a timed Mission Chain Reward.

We will have just under a month to complete this objective before it disappears forever so don't stall on levelling up your Jane Foster!

We also have the Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel 006 Nameplate up for grabs this week at the Marketplace.

If you have collected all 6 Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel Nameplates as seen in my previous post..

Also free on the Marketplace is the Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder 004 Nameplate.

So many freebies to pick up, don't miss them out this week. Also, do keep following this blog for future updates!