Friday, 2 November 2012

And it continues...

No sooner after I'm done paying for all the Assassin's Creed 3 stuff and whatever else I plan to buy this year, new updates turn up..

On the way to work this morning, I checked my Facebook News Feed...

GTA V News!
IGN posted news about these Photo Viewers. Those funny things where you look into it and see an image. Apparently early pre-orders at certain retailers will get one of 4 of these with various images of GTA V locations. Pretty cool but living in Singapore, I guess these won't be available here.. as always.. 

Have always loved the Grand Theft Auto series and the fabulous promo items they come up with, most of which aren't available for sale. Have a few random collectables of past GTA games and I was thinking of going all out with GTA V and try to get them all. We'll see how it goes..

Next up.. Death and Despair statue pics..
Fabulous! Been hoping and waiting for this and glad to see it finally all painted and almost ready. Hopefully no hiccups and this might come out sometime early next year perhaps?

So the spending never stops.. Was hoping for a long break from these collectables but I guess not. I got no complaints but maybe the Wife does.. Haha!

And just to tease you guys a little bit more on the very special items that I talked about yesterday...
The first image was a bad shot but I decided to use it as a teaser.. Improvise Baby!!!
Second image is a cropped pic of the real thing.. 

One's a rare item but many of you might probably have seen it before. The other I personally have never seen it anywhere before.

Post your guesses in the comments below. I'm currently uploading the pics and will do some minor editing before the final reveal. This is the last tease I promise you!