Monday 19 November 2012

New but crappy PSN Store

What the fuck is wrong with the new PSN store?!!

I appreciate the new interface and all.. but it's incredibly laggy and keeps giving me error messages. Max Payne 3 was having a triple xp weekend just this past weekend and I decided to jump back into the oh-so-addictive Multiplayer yet again. 

And then I wanted to download the Hostage Negotiation DLC pack which was free since I had the Rockstar Season Pass but the stupid PSN store kept giving me the "error occured" message. What's up with that? And the loading between "add to cart" and accessing the cart itself takes ages! Isn't a new store supposed to speed things up?

These was after it kept giving me a blank screen whenever I logged into the PSN store..

It isn't all bad though.. I like the new Game Pages where you can access all content associated with a particular game. Accessing the Max Payne 3 page, I could find all trailers, DLC content, avatars, themes etc all in 1 page. Much more neater than the previous store where each category was in a different page and you had to go back to the main page to access it. 

But then again, it's not really easy to find the Game Pages of older games unless you use the search button. Even with that I couldn't find the AC: Brotherhood Game Page. Still needs lots of patching but in the long run, it will most likely be better than the old PSN store.

What do you guys think? Like the new one? Or still prefer the old one? Chat with me, comment below!