Friday 2 November 2012

The Reveal..

Ok.. First of all.. Sorry to keep you guys waiting on the pics.. But I needed the time to take proper photos and upload them..

So here they are.. I will post all the pics I took in different stages of unwrapping the parcel so scroll down slowly and view the image one at a time to create the suspense.. I know you guys waited quite a while so I hope the final reveal won't be disappointing and you will like them... Gonna be pic heavy though!

The Package..
Inside the package..
Declaration of Independence Replica!
Closer look..
Closer look at the signatures at the bottom
See the Assassin's Creed logo?
Inside the smaller box..
The base.. of what?
Inside the bubblewrap.. Who's that?
Out pops a Crouching Altair
Crouching Altair Figure
From the top..
Eyeing his Target..
Ready to pounce..
Alongside the other Altair Figure
The other package..
A Wooden Box..
Still a Wooden Box..
Didn't change.. Still wooden.. Still a box..
It opens magically..
An Assassin's Creed Tomahawk Replica
Specifically.. Connor's Tomahawk Replica
The head..
The Handle..
Closer look at the feather..
A Masterpiece..
So what do you guys think? Yes I promised to show 2 items.. but the kind guy who sold me these items added the Declaration of Independence Replica in for good measure. I believe it was given out as a promo or gift during certain Assassin's Creed 3 events as a promotion item. Of course, with the story of the Assassin's Creed 3 game surrounding the American Revolution and their fight for Independence, its a truly nice touch. 

It was sent folded in four but I don't know if I should be happy or sad about it.. But I'm always looking at the brighter side of things, so I feel it makes the Letter look a little worn out.. Still nice!

Then of course, the second item is the Altair Crouching figure. Once believed to be only released to certain people who worked on the first AC game that started it all. But the wonderful investigators at the CE forums have dug up info that it could have been sold via retail as well in Spain only. So many are there truly? I don't know for sure but it is still a very rare item which won't be sale easily or for cheap.

The guy who sold it to me has had it since back then and I was a bit worried it will look very old. Plus the box was missing. Even though the price was reasonably cheaper than what others claimed to have sold it for, it still wasn't cheap so naturally I was worried how it would turn out. But after seeing the figure, I am truly satisfied. Figure looks almost as good as new and I have to say a special thanks to the seller for the effort he put in with the packaging. And now I'm very happy to have this rare piece added to my collection after hunting for it for such a long time. Once the 2 latest Connor figures come in, my Assassin's Creed figure collection from this range will be complete. 

And the highlight of the entire package.. the Assassin's Creed Tomahawk Replica..

Before you say.. "Hey isn't that the one.." I say Hold it right there! This is not the cheap looking tomahawk replica that is being sold in stores. Even back then when I first saw that replica, it didn't really grab my attention. Ok.. it was cool to have a tomahawk replica that looks like the one used by Connor in the game but it looked a bit too plastic-y to me.. 

But now.. after seeing this tomahawk replica, that one looks like a toy! Sorry to those who own that but I say what I feel. This replica is fucking awesome! It looks so much more realistic and it's so much more detailed. This one is also made of latex so it feels light when you pick it up but it certainly doesn't show. I spent a good 2 to 3 mins just staring at it when I first opened it. That's how awesome this thing looks. 

As you can see, it also comes in a beautiful wooden box display with an indent so you can place the tomahawk nicely inside. 

The seller also told me that this was only given to the press people and some Ubisoft employees and that there are only 300 made. It would have been nice if it was stated somewhere on the box though. Again I'm delighted to own this and I feel very privileged to own this marvelous item.

Hope you guys liked the pics and thanks for being patient while I got the pics ready!