Saturday 16 March 2013

God of War Collector's Edition!

Also got this in addition to the Dualshock 3 Edition..

Nice artwork in the front here, received it in very mint condition as well.

Nice looking steelbook as well! Sucks that the game disc is actually inside the steelbook. I don't really want to be opening the steelbook too much to keep it as mint as possible. Would have preferred an extra disc case to store the disc.

And of course the reason why I bought the CE..
Not bad I'd say.. It isn't one of the best.. far from it in fact. Detail is very average especially on the Chaos Blades. The rock he's standing on is made of very cheap plastic, like a kids' toy. Very smooth rock..

But it's not all bad.. I really like the pose they have chosen. At a distance (A distance I stand at looking at my display), the figure looks good, without inspecting the details too much. 

I'm not too negative about things I guess. To be honest, this CE is actually very worth it even though there aren't many items inside. In fact, there is only the game with the steel book and the figurine. While most CEs will add artbooks, soundtracks and what not, game publishers will actually try to milk their customers even more with a Season Pass. This CE actually comes with the Season Pass. (Not that I have problems with Season Passes, I actually buy most of them if they have good quality DLC).

So definitely good stuff in the CE, not that ex considering a lot of people usually buy CEs for the figures and are not that interested in the other stuff. Still a nice figure even though it lacks real quality.

Managed to squeeze this figure into my God of War display shelf..
You can see the difference in the quality between the NECA figures and this one.

I'm actually considering getting the DC Direct's version of Kratos now.. Suddenly that one that one doesn't look that bad.. lol
More pics of the figure..
 photo IMG_3401_zpsaa2b2310.jpg  photo IMG_3400_zps09e3ca1d.jpg  photo IMG_3396_zps9f2365cc.jpg  photo IMG_3391_zps9a0801d5.jpg  photo IMG_3390_zps93824c09.jpg  photo IMG_3389_zps66b82507.jpg  photo IMG_3387_zpsfb2f932e.jpg  photo IMG_3386_zps3f209558.jpg

Will post some thoughts of the game once I try it..