Saturday 2 March 2013

Max Payne 3 Collection

Had some free time to get some photos of my updated Max Payne 3 Collection finally..

Bought the promo items from Rockstar Warehouse when they had the Black Friday sale last year. Cheaper shipping and items are on sale! Good stuff, they came in 2 packs but well worth it!

The Bullet Shell Casing Ashtray.
This one is rather heavy and bigger than it looks as you will see it later.

The Gun Magazine Flask
Very cool, most of the promo items are gun-themed. Bullets, gun magazines etc, and this is in the same theme.

The Pill Box
Haha, this one cracked me up when I first saw it. Something for those who have a pill addiction! Though you will lose track of the days if you actually use this to sort the pills.

The box for the Pill Box
Made it look like a medicine prescription. Very nice touch. Not as if Max Payne followed the instructions. The pill box didn't come with actual pills of course. Wouldn't want any crazy fans popping them..

UFE Patch

Promo stickers
Haven't figured out how this stickers are going to fit into my display yet. (I'm buying stuff that I think will go well as a display if you wanna know.. Things that compliment each other.) 

Got these promo books on the cheap as well. 

Comes with some very nice art work inside and brief details on the story and game as you can see below.

Thought the promo books will do well to compliment my Max Payne display.

Everything set up nicely..
Just missing the art prints that came with the Max Payne 3 Special Edition, everything else is in there. The Rockstar Warehouse also had the Bullet Pen but I already had that. The Bullet Keychain and statue were of course from the Special Edition so that's about everything I want to get for my collection.

Pretty cool, they look good altogether, better than I thought they would. Will be posting up some other stuff I got from GTA games so do check back soon!