Sunday 3 March 2013

So what are we going to see in AC IV: Black Flags?


So I managed to embed the leaked video of the Assassin's Creed IV's world premiere trailer in my previous post. Just checked, that video is still working even though many others have been taken down. So yea.. go catch it before it gets taken down.

Just thought I should share some predictions, guesses and wishes for the latest game before details are revealed tomorrow. Of course there are going to be spoilers on AC 3, so be warned..

The new Assassin whom we will be playing is Edward Kenway, grandfather of Connor and father of Hatham Kenway. He was actually mentioned in AC 3 in an interactive dialogue between Desmond and Shaun if I remember correctly. Edward being an Assassin and so was his son Hatham, but was eventually converted into a Templar, which was what we saw in AC 3. Funny how I was wishing for more info about all this and now we have an actual game on Edward Kenway. Hoping to see if they will also reveal how Hatham got converted into a Templar.

Edward is a Pirate of sorts. In the trailer, Capt Blackbeard himself speaks so highly of Edward. Looks like they are building this Assassin is a real bad-ass. Not an Assassin out for revenge or to save his people. Seems like there will be way more naval missions which is great. Enjoyed them in AC 3 and glad to see more.

Set in the Caribbean? Some kind of homage to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?

So of course now with Desmond dead, what will the back-story be like? Still going to have someone reliving their ancestors' memories? Of course, there could be other descendants just like Desmond. One example is his own dad. Will he be using the Animus now? 

Will there even be a back-story? Now with Juno presumably trying to destroy the world or something, will the current-gen Assassins' goal be to save the world from Juno? In AC 3, there was talk about other locations just like the one they were in. Maybe they start searching for the other locations now?

Of course, these are my personal predictions. I may be totally wrong. There is so much story behind the Assassins and it's really interesting to find out how they all are connected. Just read about the Chinese Assassin, Shao Jun, the other day and found how her story linked with Ezio's. Reminds me to go watch The Embers movie. Now with Edward. 

Some people are saying it's getting boring with the Assassin's Creed games, especially with the yearly releases, but I feel like I'm just getting started. I have played all the games but not yet completed them 100% and the DLC. There still seems to be so much more info in there that I have yet to uncover. Of course, the Assassin's Creed Encyclopedias I have are still untouched, so will need to get that started as well. 

Ubisoft have plenty of studios around the world so I'm confident they will put good quality games even though I felt AC 3 was a little rushed. Of course being a collector, makes it doubly exciting. I'm already thinking of what stuff they can included in the CEs. However, "A Statue is a must.. Everything else is Secondary.." If there are good stories to tell and the game-play is kept fresh, I say bring them on!