Saturday 27 September 2014

Far Cry 4's new Pagan Min Trailer and who's that behind the Figurine?

Ok 2 cool updates from Far Cry 4

Firstly, a brand new trailer of Far Cry 4's Insane Villain, Pagan Min..

Crazy fella! It's amazing how you can sense his insanity, without him even doing much. He just sits there and you have that niggly feeling that something bad is going to happen.

At the end of the trailer, there's a twist with the UbiCollectibles Pagan Min figurine. Few days ago, I made this post with a couple of pics of the figurine. Those 3 pics were the only ones I could find on the internet.

Looked like a straight-forward piece. Pagan Min standing atop some debris, with a pistol in his hand and an assault rifle right beside him. The wall behind is adorned with colourful graffiti of a tiger.

Well that was then.. this trailer showed a surprise. Behind the wall is a young girl with her head in her hands and a bloodied knife beside her.

So who is this girl? Whose blood is on the blade? Far Cry 4's Villain has just gotten a lot more creepier than I thought.

Well.. looks like this is not just another figurine of Pagan Min but could have revealed something sinister about the game's plot.