Monday 22 September 2014

Mortal Kombat Release Date, PreOrder Bonus & Fight Kontrollers?

Couple of news regarding Mortal Kombat X has been announced recently.

We have a confirmed release date, 14 April 2015. For those who pre-ordered, you will be able to play as Goro. That's just crazy awesome!

Also, at the recent Gamespot Expo in US, someone spotted these modified PS4 and XBox One Controllers.

Pic Source: ceojebailey's Instagram
Cool right? 

I would have preferred those bigger fightsticks like the ones from MK9 but I wouldn't mine these. 

Based on Mortal Kombat Online's article, these are made by Performance Design Products. Based on previous products, the D-Pad on the left is replaced with a thumb joystick.

"The Versus controller goes for an interesting blend of both approaches, in that it uses a thumb joystick. It’s the same size as a d-pad, but the internal workings are those of an arcade joystick. In essence, it’s a joystick that is controlled by your thumb."

Interesting.. I would like to get the PS4 version, if there's no other fightstick bundled with the game.