Tuesday 9 September 2014

PCS Mortal Kombat Klassic Smoke 1/4 Statue

And the 3rd Ninja.. Smoke!

No #42 of 175!

Another relatively low number and the Edition sizes are getting smaller ;)

Same base as the rest of the Klassic Ninjas..

There's only 1 version of the Smoke Statue, no EX for this one..

No alternate head either.. Here you see the 1st set of arms..

Standard set of arms, very similar to the arms that Scorpion had. However, like the Sub Zero statue, Smoke also gets the translucent-arm treatment with the 2nd set of arms.

Giving it a smoky effect.. I think it worked better with the ice arms on Sub Zero than it did here with Smoke. Nevertheless, still cool..

Of the 4 Ninjas, I have to admit this one was the most boring of the lot. With all the Statues being in relatively similar poses, this one doesn't stand out.. but still I'm very happy that PCS made him and I'm not going to complain. 

Considering Smoke's popularity in comparison to the rest, you could say that that it wouldn't have been worth the effort sculpting an entirely new pose for him. I think PCS decided that if there was going to be a Smoke statue, this would be it or else no Smoke statue. I'm glad they decided to go on with it.

So that's 3.. Reptile's up next!