Tuesday 5 April 2016

Heroes: Might & Magic - Archangel Michael & Akasha Statue Diorama Collection Pics Part 1/2

So.. I have finally become one of the big boys who receive statues to review for their blog!

Haha just kidding.. About the big boys part.. But before I continue, I have to say a huge thanks to Pure Arts and Mr Garand for this huge opportunity! Received these amazing gifts from the company to review.

Just a little introduction on the company..

Most of us collectors would recognise Pure Arts as the company behind the brand UbiCollectibles. Whenever you get a UbiCollectibles figure, if you took a look at the bottom of the base, you would see the Pure Arts logo on it. While Pure Arts have been producing Ubisoft statues for years, they have also been producing other Collector's Edition statues recently like the Mortal Kombat X Collector's Edition, Scorpion statue.

While the 10-inch Collector's Edition statues have been their bread and butter, a few years back, Pure Arts produced a very under-rated larger-scaled statue, again under the UbiCollectibles brand.. The 1/7 Archangel Michael Statue from the Heroes: Might & Magic VI game. 

In part 1 of this 2-part blog post, I will show you some pics of this amazing but very under-rated piece.

The statue comes in a big, solid box..

Here, you pull off the top cover instead of the flap thingy at the top..

My Certificate of Authenticity

and Instruction Manual

Look at the Wingspan compared to a iPhone 5S!

Putting the pieces wasn't too difficult. Needed a bit of force to push in certain parts but once they were in, it was tightly secured. 

Here are the pics!

A spectacular piece, don't you think?! Plenty of fine details, the shiny armour and that huge wings!

Looking at this, I'm very surprised to see that very few collectors have this in their collection. Granted, this was from not from a AAA license but I used to play this game many, many years ago.. Heroes: Might & Magic 3 I believe.. 

Looking at this, immediately I would like to see more characters from this game & see what Pure Arts can come up with. Thankfully, it looks like they have already had plans for that and in Part 2 of this blog post, you will see a 2nd Statue that connects to this Michael statue to form a diorama.

And if you are looking to get this, you can contact Pure Arts directly at info@purearts.com to purchase this. I tried looking for this at other online retailers but doesn't seem to be available so do act fast before they all sell out. Oh and do let them know that you found this at my blog! Would sincerely appreciate that!