Tuesday 5 April 2016

Heroes: Might & Magic - Archangel Michael & Akasha Statue Diorama Collection Pics Part 2/2

Continuing from Part 1..

While, the Archangel Michael statue was released a few years back, Pure Arts already had a future diorama planned for it.. Every Angel needs a Demon to fight and they chose Akasha to be the other part of the diorama..

It did take a while, Pure Arts has been teasing me about a secret project for quite a while now but dropped no hints on what it could be.. But now, the Akasha Statue is finally ready and it looks great!

Here's the pics..

Comes in a matching box, similar to the Archangel Michael's one..

Just like Michael, this one is just as detailed..

Look at that evilness in his eyes..

Sick-looking piece. Very snake-like character, something the wife despises so I have to display this out of her sight.

Unfortunately, I received a piece with a small defect.

If you see the black thing behind, this is where the flags are pegged in. The one that I got, had holes too small that I couldn't force the flags in. I have provided feedback to Pure Arts regarding this. 

The good news however, is that the black thing can be removed. So, even if yours does come defective, all you need to ask for is a replacement for that small piece, rather than the whole statue..

So, hopefully I can get a replacement for mine, as it will be a pity to have a less than perfect piece. So, without his full glory..

Some of the pegs weren't as tight as I would have liked but nevertheless all the pieces stayed in place. Apart from those minor imperfections, this was another amazing statue!

As mentioned, the 2 pieces could be put together to form a diorama..

Locked in a battle of Good vs. Evil!

Absolutely love them both! I wish I was a fan of the game to appreciate this more but from a collector's point of view, I really, really like them.

The Akasha Statue has not been officially announced nor is it up for sale yet. In fact, the new statue will not be sold under the UbiCollectibles brand. Akasha will be sold exclusively available on their soon-to-be-launched website, www.purearts.com. They expect it to be ready in Summer 2016.

However, you don't need to wait that long to get your hands on these 2 pieces. Pure Arts have informed me that they have ready stocks in-hand so you can drop them a mail at info@purearts.com to purchase these. Once again, don't forget to mention where you found out about these statues! ;)

This isn't the first time Pure Arts are selling statues directly.. Some of you have known about the Assassin's Creed 3 Connor Premium Statue that I purchased from them a long time ago.. With Pure Arts opening their own website, we can expect more exclusive projects from them in the future. I have been pushing them for another Premium Assassin's Creed statue so hopefully they will grant me my wish!

Personally, I'm very excited to see what's in store for their future. A huge thanks to them once again for this opportunity and I wish them all the best in their plans for the future!

Of course, this opportunity wouldn't have been possible without all you guys who have been following and reading my blog. Without an audience like you, I might not have received this opportunity and I have to give a big thanks to you for letting me share this exclusive pics with you!