Monday 11 April 2016

World Box reveals variant Sub Zero 1/6 Figure

World Box started off the 1/6 Mortal Kombat 9 line with the Sub-Zero figure a while back.. However, just 3 figures into the line, they have now revealed a variant figure for the previously released one. named Sub-Zero (Brother).

Not very obvious, to be honest, but there are subtle differences in the new figure (on the right).

Take a look at the close-up pics..

You can see the mud splatter on some of his clothes and a ice effect on certain parts. The eye scar evident on this figure confirms it to be Kuai Liang, the younger Sub-Zero. Which is actually very cool (Pardon the pun!). Not many figure companies have actually made 2 Sub-Zero figures that represent the brothers.

That's 1 reason for having to own both!

However, that alone isn't going to convince collectors to get a 2nd Sub-Zero figure so here's some more cool stuff!

A frozen Kung Lao head! That is just sick! One of the main features of the World Box's 1/6 figure line is the inclusion of Fatality accesories, which are incredible!

Another reason to own this Sub-Zero figure even if you have the original.

If you missed the first one and can only choose either, this should definitely be the better option, showing off Sub-Zero's ice powers.

Here's a reference of the original Sub-Zero's accessories.

Come to think of it.. not 100% better. How could you miss out the Spine Rip fatality??!!

I was a little skeptical about the "variant" figure but looks like they have convinced me, regarding the Brother that I should get both.

For upcoming figures, I would prefer to see new characters rather than "variants" but I would love to see 'accessory packs' where they give us more accessories to use with our current figures. 

It's taking a long while for World Box to churn out these figures but I'm hoping that we aren't reaching the end anytime soon.