Saturday 29 April 2017

God of War Kratos 1/3 Statue from PlayStation Gear Store Collection Pics

The 1/3 Kratos Statue from PlayStation Gear Store has finally made its way to my home!

I have been wanting to get this ever since it was released, but just never got the chance to due to the PlayStation Gear Store not shipping internationally. 

Well, it finally made its way to a local store and I had to grab it!

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No fancy art box but it keeps with the theme with other statues from PlayStation Gear Store.

Comes with a small art print..


Nice Greek-themed base with the broken columns. They even added 'moss' to give it a more natural look. Just have to be careful with those, you can easily pull it out if you are not careful but it looks great!

The Blades of Chaos

and pics of Kratos

Fantastic piece! Face sculpt is really good. Nice menacing facial expression and pose. Looks like he jumped right out of the game.
Real metal chains and Mixed Media for the loin cloth is a great choice for this. Details are really nice.

The paint app on the skin gives that ash-like look that Kratos has. 

A bit of love lost at the toe areas however.. but other than that, it's a really nice statue. At 26" tall, it's a real imposing piece in my collection.

There are a couple of Kratos Statues out there but this was hands-down my favourite of them all, which is also why I got this first.

What I really can't understand is how this piece is not sold out yet? Limited to 500 pieces and the price has been slashed to USD$300 at the PS Gear Store. It's an absolute steal for a 1/3 statue. Definitely a must-have for any PlayStation or God of War fan.. one of gaming's most iconic characters.

Sony's Fabrication Group is the team behind the production of this fantastic statue and is also producing the Uncharted 4 Diorama that was up for PreOrder not too long ago.. 

Definitely worth checking that out if you are a PlayStation fan!

Anyway.. he's on display beside my PlayStation Headset & Controller collection!

Who better to guard the collection eh?