Saturday 8 April 2017

PCS Collectibles' Mortal Kombat updates & teases - 8 Apr 2017

Another update on the latest from PCS Collectibles' Mortal Kombat statues!

So.. Wondercon 2017 was held last weekend and PCS had some Mortal Kombat Statues on display. Let's take a look at the pics & videos.. No new statues but more on that later..

Life-Sized Scorpion Bust & 1/3 Goro

Source: gokuvegeta (StatueForum)
Source: ToyArk
Source: ToyArk
Source: Isaiasrosas212 (StatueForum)

I have both of these on PO. It's going to be a very impatient wait but when they are finally here.. oh man, gonna look sick!

1/3 Mileena

Source: ToyArk
Source: ToyArk
Source: gokuvegeta (StatueForum)

Does anyone else think the paint at the feet looks weird? Everything else looks great except that area.

There's a few pieces up for PO left for Mileena over at the PCS' Website..
I haven't POed this & Kitana. There were just too many POs coming up in a short period of time that I couldn't afford it. I want them however, so hoping I can pick these up close to release.

That were the 3 Statues shown at Wondercon 2017. Great stuff!

So, yes back to the lack of updates.. We didn't see anything new here. In fact, nothing for the past few weeks. There were teasers sometime back on characters like Tremor, D'vorah but no updates on those for quite a while now. Is the line dead??!!

Thankfully Jerry has been keeping us updated on the happenings..

Someone asked about what's next for the line..

Response on the last line to Questions 3 & 4..

I dug in for more details..

No details but we get the most important answer; they do plan on continuing!

So why the delay?

Injustice 2, my friends! Definitely a blessing in disguise if you ask me. I think a lot of collectors need that break. We had some amazing POs go up in the past few months but now we need some Financial Recuperation.. (sounds fancy eh?)

I don't think there should be any concern for the hype dying as we have plenty of releases to look forward to. 1/4 Raiden just released last month, 1/4 Kotal Kahn should be out by mid-year, the 1/3 Scorpion & Sub-Zero will be out very, very soon..

Exciting months ahead!

Also, just after Wondercon 2017, the samples for the 1/4 Klassic Cyborgs were received by PCS.

Looking good but some improvements will be made..

Lastly.. a Wondercon 2017 booth tour! I only collect the Mortal Kombat stuff from PCS Collectibles, but they produce plenty of absolutely fantastic-looking pieces.. Enjoy!

Listening to Jerry's plans for the 1/8 Street Fighter line makes me think.. Why not give the same treatment to Mortal Kombat?

4-5 statues of the same character in different DLC outfits?

I'm interested!

I know a lot of us won't want another line with the same old characters again. While in a perfect world, PCS will continue making all the characters in the 1/4 line for a full roster. However, we have to admit that will be almost impossible.

So, for less popular characters and obscure outfits, that will definitely be a no in 1/4 scale, I'm thinking why not in 1/8? I know a lot of Mortal Kombat fans who love the statues but just can't bring themselves to pay the current prices, but will definitely be interested in something cheaper.

Anyway, that's just a thought.. I would still put my hopes in the 1/4 line continuing as long as possible.

1 more from Wondercon 2017..

That's it for this update.. Until next time!

Disclaimer: Screenshots of Jerry's responses are for reference only.  Please don't take it as gospel. The situation can change over time and so can certain decisions.. 
I just wanted to use this platform as a place to collate updates about the Mortal Kombat license as things can get hard to find on the forums.